Hydraulic Pressure Testing Services - Melbourne

At SCR, we provide specialised hydraulic pressure testing from our state of the art Melbourne facility. As a specialist provider of industrial hydraulic services, we have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of industrial hydraulic cylinders and extensive experience working across a range of industries.

Hydraulic pressure testing is essential for assessing the performance, integrity, and safety of hydraulic cylinders. We provide specialised testing to verify that the cylinder can handle and maintain the required pressure levels without leaks, component failure, or other issues.

Pressure Verification & Leak Detection

The primary goal of hydraulic pressure testing is to verify that the hydraulic cylinder can operate within the specified pressure range, which is often determined by the application and design specifications. This testing ensures that the cylinder can handle the maximum expected pressure without failure.

Safety Assessment & Compliance

Hydraulic cylinders operate at high pressures, and pressure testing is essential to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment. Identifying potential issues, such as weak points or structural deficiencies, can help prevent catastrophic failures and accidents.

All testing is carried out in line with all relevant industry standards and guidelines. We ensure that all aspects of your hydraulic cylinders fully comply with all industry standards.

We provide detailed testing records and reporting for compliance and quality control purposes.

Cylinder Repairs & Rebuilds

If issues are detected during the testing process, we can provide complete hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairs from our Melbourne facility. From hydraulic seal or chrome bar replacements to custom fabricating brand new cylinders, we will ensure your system meets all requirements and is in pristine condition.

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